Harpo is an artist and pop singer, who had some successful songs.

Harpo’s full name is Jan Harpo Torsten Svensson (born 5 April 1950 in Stockholm).
The trademark of Harpo is walking mostly barefoot and holding a hiking pole with a bicycle bell on it. The singer could reach a worldwide breakthrough in 1976. Moviestar went on to become a huge hit, it was the summer hit in the same year and it is still well known. It reached number 1 in Sweden and Germany and number 3 in Australia. The song spent 30 weeks in the charts in Germany. Moviestar was not the only achievement of Harpo. He released a number of follow up singles, notably Motorcycle Mama and Horoscope.

Nowadays you will see Harpo on different stages, on TV and at Oldie-festivals. His hits and his sometimes comical shows still inspire young and old audience even in this day and age. Harpo performs regularly in Germany.

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